The Cloud Real Speed Test - check your Internet speed and quality

About us

What is Cloud Managed Speed Test?

Cloud Managed Speed Test is a cloud-based system for management and distribution of flash application that performs Internet connection quality measurements just called Speed Test. There are several advantages of this solution:

  • easy and one time installation for all features saves your time,
  • free download and upload tests,
  • smart and modern graphics engines,
  • the application is always up to date because of running in a cloud environment,
  • easy managing via on-line Cloud Manager helps you to customize you application without our help however we always are available for you if you have any problems with setup and using the product,
  • and many more...

For whom the solution is designed?

The solution is designed for Internet Service Providers that want to provide best quality and best effort Internet connections to their customers. This Speed Test can proove that the connection parameters are in the line with the contract or can help with problems diagnosing. But not only ISP are the target of this product. Many owners of the websites called "speedtests" that use advertisement programs for earning money may enjoy our Advertisement feature because it is very easy to integrate and just use.

How does it exactly work?

There are couple rules that provide high availability and always up to date solution:

  • a user registers free account in our Cloud Manager system giving an email address and a domain or subdomain name
  • the user copies the content of the zip package into his ftp server that corresponds to the existing domain or subdomain name (BASIC SETUP) and optionally perform an advanced installation to meet requirements of some additiona features (ADVANCED SETUP)
  • the domain or subdomain name must be set correctly in the license settings in the Cloud Manager
  • when the url containing the domain or subdomain address is opened in the browser, simple flash application connects to our gateway and perform the authorization process
  • the license options are checked based on url address in the browser and then our Cloud Manager gateway sends to the browser request to load application from our remote cloud environment with apropriate features enabled
  • the user performs the measurements an then the test results are sent to his account in the Cloud Manager if the Statistics Manager feature is enabled.
The settings that user can customize in the Cloud Manager are updated in the application at the moment of refreshing the page in the browser. This is a unique solution which can help user to control his bussiness.